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Over 30 years ago, Jerry Pechauer worked on his first pool cue. Since repairing that old Willie Hoppe cue in the basement of his home as a young man, Jerry has earned a living and a world renowned reputation for producing some of the finest pool cues available today, anywhere.


When Allan McCarty and Steve Titus initially began their pool cue research, their main goal was to understand the physics of the pool cue in order to improve its performance. They designed a robot named Iron Willie that played a key role in their research. Iron Willie was able to hold all variables constant and reproduce a consistent stroke and therefore allowing scientific and quantitative analysis of different cues and technologies. This enabled McCarty and Titus to understand how different materials and constructions contributed to performance. Thus began a continuous innovation process and search for the ultimate playing experience.


For over 40 years Joss Cues® have lead the pack when it comes to superior design and value. ALL Joss Cues® exhibit exceptional qualities: from the leather tip to the rubber bumper.


Since 1975, McDermott Handcrafted Cues has consistently raised the industry standard for what billiard players expect from a high quality pool cue. McDermott products use the latest technology in their state-of-the-art facility, along with the finest materials in the world. In 35 years, McDermott has grown into 12 brands that lead the billiard industry in performance, quality and service.


Viking Cue is one of the oldest manufacturers of two-piece pool cues in America. Viking blends time-honored craftsmanship with state of the art machinery to produce a flawless pool cue that lives up to its reputation. With their continued commitment to the highest quality standards in the billiard industry, you can be assured, that when it’s time to upgrade or get service on your current cue stick, Viking will be there for you. Viking pool cues are proudly and exclusively made in the U.S.A.


Lucasi cues have been setting the industry standard for quality and value for the past 20 years. Featuring top-of-the-line components like the Uni-Loc quick release joint and handpicked exotic woods combined with innovative designs and production techniques creates solid, consistent hitting pool cues which have revolutionized the billiards world.

Minnesota Fats

Minnesota Fats is by far the most recognized name in the history of billiards. His legend carries on in his Minnesota Fats cues. Minnesota Fats offers a variety of traditional wood and graphite cues at a great value.


Cuetec cues was founded in 1989 and became an overnight success. Using an original design which is now patented, Cuetec literally re-invented the pool cue by eliminating common problems such as warping and dents but most important was able to bring down the cost of pool cues into a very reasonable price point.